Balanced Life Tai Chi is currently offering the following classes. Contact us if you are interested is discussing additional class options.

NEW CLASS: Tai Chi for Curling

This low-impact exercise class will prepare the student for participation in the sport of curling. Combining Tai Chi principles and strength training, participants will develop core muscle strength and improve balance, flexibility and body awareness. As part of the class, all students will receive a complimentary pre-screening for flexibility and strength, conducted by a licensed physical therapist. Class includes four ninety-minute sessions and one two-hour curling ice session.

Tai Chi for Health and Wellness #1

This gentle SUN family form improves mental and physical capacity as well as relaxation, balance and vitality! The postures are done in a slow, gentle, continuous sequence.  Tai Chi has proven through numerous scientific studies to relieve pain, increase range of motion and improve quality of life. Arthritis foundations around the world and the CDC are recommending it for arthritis and fall prevention. This form is suitable for most physical conditions and can be done sitting or standing.   

Tai Chi for Health and Wellness #2

This section builds on the SUN family form learned in Tai Chi for Health and Wellness #1.  New, more challenging movements are added to those learned previously. This SUN form moves to all four corners and requires participants to be able to turn and change direction.  

Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Family Short Form)

This non-martial, gentle exercise reduces stress, strengthens the body, and restores internal and external balance. The many physical and psychological benefits have been recognized by both medical and scientific research. Tai Chi is recommended by many top medical universities and organizations. In this class, participants will learn a 40 posture Yang family form done in sequence. It requires the ability to stoop, turn and change directions. Not suitable for some physical conditions.

Gentle Tai Chi for Life

This non-martial, gentle exercise is a four-week beginner class.  It introduces the student to the benefits and principles of Tai Chi.  Movements are flowing and gentle while improving balance, and internal and external strength.  Appropriate for most physical conditions and can be done standing or sitting.